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Portrait of Jason Gringler in his studio, Berlin, Germany, May 2024.

Representation of Jason Gringler

Lo Brutto Stahl now represents Jason Gringler

Lo Brutto Stahl is pleased to announce the representation of Berlin-based artist Jason Gringler (b. 1978 in Toronto, Canada). The artist's first solo exhibition with the gallery is currently on view and is open until June 15, 2024.

‘My studio is a philosophical space and the asset I possess is energy. Energy is capital. And my capital is waning. My mortality plays a pivotal role in the way I think about my studio practice. Sweat equity is defined by a contribution toward a project using physical labor/mental effort, and time. If my capital as an artist is my mortality, then the refuse produced from my studio endeavors are considered legitimate forms of production. Remnants, offcuts, and broken tools are a valuable resource. I cannot regain time spent; however, waste material does provide a recouping of energy expenditure. The resin sculptures accrue value in 2 ways. Time spent. Energy spent. My work is labor intensive. My past work more so. Occasionally I turn toward eBay as a resource to address the ‘readymade’ but mostly to alleviate physical stress on my body. Technological waste is omnipresent. Integrating technology into my work is a practical choice, given its significant influence on my efforts.’

Excerpt from a text by the artist.

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Image 1:
Portrait of Jason Gringler in his studio, Berlin, Germany, May 2024

Image 2:
Jason Gringler
Tomb, 2024

Epoxy resin, wax, steel, packing tape, silicone, plastic wrap, failed artwork, acrylic, glass, mirror, enamel paint, rust

119,5 × 82 × 9 cm (47 × 32 1/4 × 3 1/2 in)

Image 3:
Jason Gringler
Photo Journal (13), 2024

Layered acrylic, mirror, photos, sign vinyl, adhesives, steel, hardware, wood

100 × 67,5 × 7 cm (39 3/8 × 26 9/16 × 2 3/4 in)

Image 4:
Jason Gringler
Photo Journal (11), 2023

Layered acrylic glass, mirror, photographs, adhesives, steel, aluminium tape

111 × 110 × 7 cm (43 11/16 × 43 5/16 × 2 3/4 in)

Image 5:
Jason Gringler
Steel/Glass (43), 2020

Steel, glass, adhesives, sign vinyl

77,5 × 57 cm (30 1/2 × 22 7/16 in)

Image 6:
Installation view, Studio, Lo Brutto Stahl, Paris