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Photos by ALEK KATAR
Photos by ALEK KATAR

Inauguration Opening

21 rue des Vertus, 75003 Paris

Lo Brutto Stahl would like to thank everyone who attended and celebrated the opening with us.

The gallery is now open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm. Inauguration is on view until 03.06.23. 

We would also like to deeply thank all the artists as well as the galleries involved and who collaborated with Lo Brutto Stahl: 

Ivana Bašić @ivana_basic 

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet @jeanbaptistebernadet 

Sebastian Black @sebbazillion 

Elana Bowsher @elanabowsher

Simon Callery @simon.callery 

Giulia Cenci @giulia.cenci

Neckar Doll @neckar_doll 

Brett Ginsburg @ssskrettt 

Jason Gringler @m1rroring 

Tomasz Kowalski @kowalski555 

Nicolàs Lamas @nicolaslamas 

Cezary Poniatowski @cezaryponiatowski 

Tornike Robakidze @tornikerobaqidze 

Bat-Ami Rivlin @amirivlin 

Yves Scherer @yvesscherer 

Philip Seibel @philip_seibel

Quay Quinn Wolf @__________quay 

Randy Wray @randywraynyc

Almine Rech @alminerech

Annex14 @annex14_galerie

C L E A R I N G @clearing_ny_bxl_la

Francesca Minini @francesca_minini

Meessen De Clercq @meessendeclercq

SpazioA @spazioa_pistoia