May 10, 2024
June 15, 2024
21 rue des Vertus, 75003 Paris
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Jason Gringler

Failure is a condition of living; repetitive and stale, exhaustive but necessary. If time is money, energy is value in the studio. The metric for success is subjective; each standard marked by another, the next best thing.

Jason Gringler's solo presentation studio is anchored by material consequence and the singularity of labor. studio is a composite of refuse; dead machines, offcuts, and residue from previous forms that take up space in corners and on shelves. Storage hoards energy, accumulating relics of past attempts since stripped of their function. The relics wait with the charge of neglected potential. Flames and blades, layered inches of tracked plexiglass sealed shut, with entry only possible by extreme force. To bond, the adhesive must form intimate contact with the substrate, an alchemical and chemical effect. Materials cure and fuse for safekeeping.

Gringler makes use of failure through a process of resurrection, recycling distaste, and balancing acceptance and transformation, but fabricated to conceal. Confined and breathless objects framed by steel, dust, resin, acrylic glass, and rust—candles, silicone, enamel paint, tape, pigment, wood, epoxy, wax—imply industrial and technological obsolescence, a cruel preservation. Here, refusal is seductive. Strained contradictions turned inward and away, imperceptible processes of mechanical connection.

Failure is a swing and a miss. Jason Gringler's failures reanimate with renewed tension and dense formation: cut, join, cast, mold, weld, and cure—the properties of translation and material dependence. studio presents a range of dissent, where formal constructions of embedded failure become obscure.

– Claire Sammut

21 rue des Vertus, 75003 Paris
May 10, 2024
Jun 15, 2024
Gallery hours
Tuesday — Saturday, 2pm to 7pm

Jason Gringler was born in Toronto, Canada and spent a decade living and working in New York. He relocated to Berlin in September 2017.

Recent shows included Conduits and Inauguration at Lo Brutto Stahl, Paris in 2023.

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