March 28, 2024
May 4, 2024
21 rue des Vertus, 75003 Paris
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Max Ruf, Philipp Simon

Ruf/Simon, is the second edition of the gallery’s duo show series Dialogue, featuring the works of Max Ruf & Philipp Simon.

Exhibition text:

Some rationalised concepts carefully take the form of mental spaces. They inform each other along the way.
A few of the intermediate stages are more advanced than others — their logic is already tipping over. Others are just beginning to realise themselves. They are coiling around their own constitution, try to rewrite their frameworks or break with stability in other ways. The more developed states already know their components and their properties and use them playfully. They create their appearance in relation to the external conditions, so they can no longer be utilised.

— Philipp Simon

About Dialogue:

Dialogue embraces artistic diversity merging two distinct voices into a visual and conceptual discussion revealing connections, differences, and deep reflections.
This series honors a traditional museum exhibition format: the face-to-face.

21 rue des Vertus, 75003 Paris
Mar 28, 2024
May 4, 2024
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