THIBAULT HISS (b. 1997 in Draguignan, France. Lives and works in Paris, France)

After training in industrial design between 2015 and 2020 at L’ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres, Paris), Thibault Hiss developed a sculptural practice at the Beaux-arts de Paris, from which he graduated in 2023.

“Through objects, spare parts, industrial materials I work with the gestures they only allows me to. Plexiglass is a material massively produce for really precise purposes, and it’s hard to deal with it outside of these few functional applications. You can cut it, bend it by heating it, and that’s all. The further I go in my life, the more I tend to become highly qualified at a small number of tasks. That’s how I’m suppose to become the most profitable, efficient version of me, and how I would run towards the most obsolete one. By being hyper qualified I would fit in, find the precise spot where I’m the most needed, encapsulated in some of the objects recognizable in my works. Two parts perfectly fitting together are a great visual and gestural satisfaction but also the expression of a closed system in which bodies are limited. Since we are born we bear witness of turtles and rabbits symbols on technical and technological ob- jects. A fable for slow and efficient mode. Now when I flip a computer mouse I’m inclined to see a empty flipped turtle shell, when I see a rabbit pictogram, I see a prey on the run.”

Thibault Hiss

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Opening Saturday, October 14 (6—9pm)
Conduits — Now on view
14.10 — 25.11.2023
A group exhibition with: Forrest Bess, Simon Callery, Rao Fu, Jason Gringler, Thibault Hiss, Zoe Koke, ML Poznanski, Philip Seibel, Ang Ziqi Zhang
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