Simon Callery

London, UK

"I have written the word ‘INVERT’ in capital letters on my studio wall in charcoal. It is there to remind me that if I want to be a painter then I must challenge the tradition I belong to."

SIMON CALLERY (b. 1960 in London, UK. Lives and works in London, UK)

Simon Callery is a London based painter who has shown extensively in the UK  and internationally since the mid 1990's. Early exhibitions include; Young British Artists III, Saatchi Gallery, Sensation, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Hamburger Bahnhoff, Berlin, Brooklyn Museum, New York, Artnow 19, Tate Britain, Paper Assets, British Museum & About Vision. MOMA Oxford.

Callery's recent works place an emphasis on the materiality of painting that are 'for the body as much as they are for the eye'. He has pursued a number of painting projects outside the studio in the urban environment and the landscape. In particular, he has worked in collaboration with field archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford, on a long term ongoing collaboration which resulted in the Segsbury Project, comprising large scale painting, photography and sculptural work.


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