Elana Bowsher

San Francisco, CA, USA

ELANA BOWSHER (b. 1990 in San Francisco, CA. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) 

Elana Bowsher received a BA in Art at UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, US. 

Bowsher has been an artist-in-residence at The Macedonia Institute, Chatham, NY, US. 

She completed special projects at Cerámica Suro, Guadalajara, MX. 

Recent exhibitions include Alexander Berggruen, NY, US; Half Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US; The Pit Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US; Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US; Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US; Club Pro, Toronto, ON, US; Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA, US; Stems Gallery, Paris, FR and C L E A R I N G, Brooklyn, New York, US. 


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